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June 16, 2016
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June 16, 2016


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Grilling in the backyard is a time-honored family activity. Nothing says summer like a hot dog on the grill before the baseball game. However, if you don’t clean your grill properly, you’ll have problems. Clogs, rust, fires, even food poisoning, can result from a dirty grill. Not a good way to end a family reunion barbecue. If you aren’t much for cleaning grills, but want to extend the life of your grill (or just don’t want to get anyone sick) is a Grillbot for you?

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A fairly recent member of the consumer robot family, this little bot has one purpose, cleaning your grill. The Grillbot’s stainless steel brushes can get through the toughest of stains without much issue. The metal brushes are easy to replace and can be bought from the website. You don’t have to worry about cleaning it. The metal brushes are completely dishwasher safe. The brushes are also easy to replace as well. This is especially good for those with fine motor impairments. The robot is easy to operate. You don’t need to do a lot of programming or set up a bunch of electric barriers (like with the Roomba). You press a button, close the lid, and wait for the Grillbot to be done cleaning. The timer will automatically signal you when it’s done. The computer system will change the direction of the brushes as need be. The Grillbot comes with on-board electric motors and a rechargeable battery. The Grillbot can clean any type of average grill of any shape, whether you use charcoal or propane, a Grillbot can be used to clean it. People who use extra-large custom rigs, like the kind you see in contests, may get less out of it, but it will work in an everyday situation. However, the rub is that you can’t put it on a Grill that is too hot. The maximum temperature a Grillbot can take is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you put it on a grill that is too hot, it will send out a signal telling you to get it off immediately. So it probably isn’t a good idea to throw the Grillbot on just after you get the burgers off. Your best bet is to let the grill cool down before throwing the robot on it, or using the Grillbot before you grill. It can clean most grills in 10-20 minutes so it is a lot faster than dealing with the grill you. The Grillbot also doesn’t make a lot of noise, which is good.

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Customer service has also improved. In the past, customers have complained of issues getting through to them if the Grillbot broke or if they needed replacement parts. However, the company has gotten better about getting in contact with the customers if they need them. Many have also reported getting contacted by the inventor of the Grillbot himself. The company is quick to offer replacement parts or a replacement unit if things go really wrong. At roughly $100, this robot could be a good buy if you do a lot of grilling. However, if you just bust out the grill once in a while, it may not be the best purchase for you.

There are a few other issues. The biggest problem is with the AI. Namely, it leaves a lot to be desired. The reason you have to close the lid is because if you do not, the Grillbot will waltz right off the edge of the grill. In an age where most consumer robots have edge detectors, this is a huge problem. However it can be overlooked because simply shutting the lid solves it. It’s also worth noting that you will still need to clean the grill yourself once in a while. That said, the Grillbot will make it a lot easier.

The Grillbot is a handy tool. It can clean most grills easily. If you can afford it, and are able to overlook the problems, it is a good grill cleaning tool.