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June 16, 2016
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June 16, 2016

Droplet – The Smart Reminder

Droplet - The Smart Reminder1

Sure we all have smartphones and some watches that are able of alerting us about activities and tasks by notifying us, but unfortunately they’re not always suitable regarding the fact they’re very easy to ignore by just pressing your screen and scheduling it for another time leading to not completing your task. This is where the new Droplet smart reminder comes in, it has been designed to be attached anywhere you want it to, providing a reminder that you need to press in order to notify the app on your phone that it has been completed.

Droplet 2 Droplet is a button that can be connected to anything you need to be reminded of. It can be a reminder to take your medicine, take your dog for a walk, or applying your skincare products, all

you need to do is attach the small device to the object and press it when you complete the task. Droplet will keep track of it through the app on your device, this way you can monitor your activities throughout the day. The gadget can also only be set to remind you of tasks that you have forgotten to do, therefore, it won’t swamp your smartphone with notifications and reminders. This will prevent you of snoozing or ignoring your tasks away by having a physical reminder to tap in order to dismiss the reminder.

These days there are hundreds of apps and alarms that notify you of things you need to do through the course of day, however, Droplet have proven to be more convenient due to its size and efficiency. It is small enough to fit anywhere you would like it to and you can track everything from your gym routine to your chores at home. Take the chore of washing your dishes, for example. You can attach droplet to the dishwasher where the button to start washing is. You can add this chore into the app to remind you when it needs to be done. In order to turn off the reminder, you can press it to light up a green button, sending a notification to the app that the task is finished. Asides from eliminating procrastination, it encourages you to be more active.

The droplet button also had a third component to it, the hub. What is the user moves out the button’s range or they want to place it in a distant location? This is where the hub comes in handy. The hub plugs into the wall electrical outlet and can interact with the button and the Droplet serves within 100 feet (30 m) of distance. This guaranteed that no button that is pressed goes unnoticed, which would require you to press the button twice for the same activity or task you already completed.
The hub can also keep track of all the Droplets within range.

Each Droplet button is meant to last more than a year before the battery stops working with proper care and use. However, a replacement program is in process of creation, where the client sends in their button to the company to replace the battery or send back a brand new one. From a convenience-oriented point of view, unless you often snooze your reminders away on your smartphone or any other durable device you might have, I don’t find the hype of this consumer robotic to be worth it. As of now, the device is going on pre-order for USD$39. Nonetheless, I am in no way stating this product is expensive, but if you’re paying $40 for a product that only gives you a year of non-replaceable battery guarantee, you’re better off using the Reminder app on your phone. If the company ends up introducing a battery replacement program the gadget will be of great use to those who have a hard time completing their tasks.